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Some Ways C-Store can take advantage of Social Media

Posted Jan 25th, 2019 in Industry news

Some Ways C-Store can take advantage of Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are becoming the go-to way for people to connect with each other. For some, social media can be daunting. Many people only use it for collecting likes and posting photos. So how can owners take advantage of these online platforms to grow their c-store’s business?

Social media can help owners track trends. Twitter accounts like @NACSonline and, of course, @XSiteGroupInc keep followers up-to-date with industry trends and the ever-changing customer market. Twitter and Facebook are also good venues for making connections with other business.

Owners can encourage customers to follow them on Twitter in order to receive news on specials and discounts. A sign at the checkout counter can prompt customers to follow your store in exchange for discounts, or entry in a raffle. If local customers can count on connection with their c-store, they'll keep coming back!

An Instagram account can also be useful because of its focus on photos. What better way to tell customers about new products than bright attractive photos? This is especially true for locations that offer prepared foods.

Facebook is great for creating a community around your brand. Create a page that people can Like. Give those who join discounts or perks. Use the forum to keep customers in the know about specials and sales.

Also, c-store owners do well to pay attention to online reviews. Google and Yelp give customers the opportunity to rate and comment on their experiences at your store. If someone leaves a negative review, it could be worthwhile to reach out and make it right. The worst thing a manager do is to respond antagonistically to a poor review. Even though a minority of customers review the places they’ve been, many others read reviews. For c-stores that experience seasonal traffic, reviews are very important. Travellers and vacationers in a new city can easily pull out their phones for a list of the c-stores in the area, and usually the one with the most stars wins.

Social media is an important communication platform that every business needs to get on board with. C-store operators would do well to utilize this powerful system to grow their business. A good first step is to follow XSite on Twitter!