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XSite Fuel & Financial Manager

XSite Fuel & Financial Manager software helps Gas Stations and Convenience Stores (C&G) reconcile sales and inventory management data.

XSite Fuel & Financial Manager Software

XSite Fuel & Financial Manager software is a PC-based software program that:

  • Reconciles your fuel sales to wet stock inventory levels.
  • Calculates your shift and cash totals.
  • Produces an automatic daily inventory gasoline record for tracking.
  • Retrieves tank levels automatically from your tank gauge.
  • Retrieves fuel sales and shift financial totals from the POS.
  • Reconciles shift cash totals with total sales for appropriate tracking of information.
  • Produces both fuel and cash reports for review or records.
  • Allows easy configuration and set up for any Gas Station or Convenience Store location.
  • Allows an unlimited number of user-defined tanks.
  • Tracks unlimited numbers of individual fuel deliveries.
  • Calculates period ending inventory losses/gains by tracking sales, deliveries and tank dips.

The software attaches to your tank gauge or accepts levels from a dip. It also maintains your dip charts, or uses the information from your tank gauge for fuel reconciliation.

The financial part of this program allows you to see all financial data from sales, including methods of payment, department totals, and in-house charge accounts.

XSite Fuel & Financial Manager DownloadBenefits To Your Business

  • Reduces the time required to reconcile fuel sales.
  • Reduces human errors and typing mistakes as data comes in directly from the POS.
  • Improves employee productivity.
  • Increases the accuracy of reconciliation reports.
  • Extensive reporting capabilities help you manage your business better: reconciliation, fuel margins, delivery, invoice and bank deposit summaries.

POS System Compatibility

XSite Fuel & Financial Manager software is compatible with the following Gas Station and C-Store POS systems:

  • Gilbarco G-Site + Passport
  • AJB Petrolane
  • Verifone Sapphire + Ruby
  • Bulloch BT9000

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