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XSite Mobile

XSite Mobile is a web based software for Gas Stations and Convenience Stores that enhances the capabilities of XSite Office Price Book.

XSite Mobile integrates bar code scanning and  wireless communication.

This easy-to-use interface allows you to:XSite Mobile

  • Check pricing information.
  • Update inventory.
  • Create purchase orders.
  • Manage inventory count, including periodic physical procedure.
  • Access though multiple wireless devices at one time to decrease time spent on counting and inventory tracking.
  • Communicate via wireless with XSite Office Price Book.
  • Scan bar codes for inventory control.

XSite Mobile maximizes efficiency, functionality, and productivity by saving time and improving employee performance.

Benefits To Your Business

  • Compatible with any mobile device.
  • Increases pricing accuracy.
  • Increases data accuracy.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity.
  • Reduces unwanted inventory levels.

POS System Compatibility

XSite Mobile is compatible with the following gas station and convenience store POS systems:

  • Bulloch BT9000
  • AJB Petrolane
  • Gilbarco GSite + Passport
  • Verifone Sapphire + Ruby

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